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Fee schedule
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Personal Account

We do not charge a setup fee or monthly fee. A minimum initial investment amount of €10.000 applies (or equivalent value in digital assets).

Business Account

We do not charge a setup fee. A monthly fee of €19,95 is charged for each business account. A minimum initial investment amount of €10.000 applies (or equivalent value in digital assets).

Institutional Account

Our services for institutional accounts are customized. Please contact us for more information about the fees and the terms and conditions of an institutional account.


Trading Fee

We charge a trading fee of 0,7% per transaction. Trading fees are included in the digital asset price.

Custody Fee

We charge an annual custody fee of 0.6% for the crypto assets stored with us. This fee is calculated based on the value of your portfolio. We record the value daily to create the most accurate average possible. The costs are charged monthly; the daily calculated costs are summed up each month and collected on the first business day.

The custody fee is deducted from your euro balance. If you have insufficient euros, a negative euro balance will occur. When this balance drops below -25 euros, we will offset this amount with your crypto assets. The specific crypto assets used depend on the availability in your portfolio. The order is as follows: USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, and the largest position in altcoins. Once the amount has been offset with your crypto assets, the euro balance will return to 0 euros.

Negative interest

A negative interest rate may apply on the euros you store with us if that euro balance is higher than €5.000. The negative interest rate currently amounts to 0% per year. Negative interest is calculated daily and settled on a monthly basis. The negative interest is deducted from your euro balance.

Asset Management Fee

Set up fee €950,-

Management fee 2% per year

Performance fee 20% per year

Custody fee 0.2% per year

Trading fee 0.2% per transaction


We may change our fee schedule at any moment. We will notify you of any change prior to the change becoming effective. By continuing to use our services following any change to the fee schedule, you consent to the amended fee schedule, and you agree to be legally bound by its terms and conditions.

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