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Algorithmic Investing
Algorithmic Investing
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What is algorithmic investing?

In algorithmic investing, you invest in crypto with an automated strategy. This strategy buys or sells based on predetermined rules. Both investment decisions and transactions are carried out fully automatically. These strategies remove all emotion from trading and behave exactly according to these established rules.

For whom is algorithmic investing?

Are you finding it difficult to determine the right entry and exit points? Or do you make decisions that hinder your strategy under the influence of emotions? Our algorithmic strategies take important investment decisions for you and manage your portfolio based on quantitative signals. Algorithmic investing is available with a minimum investment of 25,000 euros.

Explore our Algorithmic Strategies

Amdax Trend

With Amdax Trend, you gain exposure to a selection of crypto assets from the top 20, ranked by market capitalization. If you want to increase the euro value of your portfolio by optimizing the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market and reducing volatility in your portfolio, then Amdax Trend is the right choice for you.

Bitcoin Algo

Bitcoin Algo is designed to outperform bitcoin, aiming for higher returns while reducing volatility in your portfolio. The algorithm buys and sells bitcoin at the right moment based on carefully tested signals. If you are fully convinced of bitcoin and want to increase your bitcoin holdings, then Bitcoin Algo is suitable for you.

Product specifications

Available for


Minimum investment


Entry and withdrawal fees

1% of incoming/outgoing assets

Management fee

2% per annum of assets

Performance fee

20% of the achieved return with high water mark

Account fees

For a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription costs are also charged.

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. For this, we charge 0.2% per annum in Custody Fees. A charge of 0.2% per transaction is applied to transactions within the portfolio. All fees in the schedule above are excl. VAT.

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