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Crypto child account
Crypto child account
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One day your child will be ready to stand on their own two feet. Until then, you want to do everything you can to help them. You can do that with our crypto child account: saving in bitcoin on your child's name.

What is the crypto child account?

At Amdax, we look at the long term. Because we understand that you want to take care of yourself and your child's future, Amdax allows you to save in bitcoin or other crypto assets for your children.

  • Save in bitcoin, ethereum, or other crypto-assets.

  • Decide how much and how often you put money aside. There is no minimum deposit.

  • Take advantage of the tax-free gift, in the amount of €6,035.

  • Grandpas, grandmas, and other acquaintances may donate €2,418 tax-free anually.

How does the crypto child account work?

The child account is in your child's name, and on their 18th birthday, we transfer it. As a customer, you can open as many child accounts as you like, with a maximum of one account per child. We keep the records neatly for you. This allows you to prove that you have donated crypto to your child.

  • The account is in your child's name.

  • As long as your child is a minor, you manage the account. After that, the account is in your child's name.

  • From their 18th birthday, your child decides what happens to the crypto.

  • We always keep the saved balances safe in our digital vault.

  • Only Amdax customers can open a child account.

  • There is no custody fee.

Product specifications

Available for Individual

Minimum deposit €0,-

Costs: We charge transaction fees for converting money to crypto assets and vice versa. There are no storage fees associated with the

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