Modify account information
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Has there been a change in your account information? Then it is important to update these changes in your personal Amdax environment, so that all data is up to date. In this article we explain how you can change your account information in Amdax.

Change e-mail address

To change your email address at Amdax, we ask that you send an email from your old email address to [email protected]. Please include your new email address in this email, and we will update it upon receipt.

Change phone number

If your two-step verification (2FA) is linked to your phone number, you need to reset your 2FA before you can continue. This page explains how to do this. If your 2FA is not linked to your phone number, you can easily contact the operations team via the chat at the bottom right. They can then change the phone number for you directly.

Change bank account number

If you have a Dutch bank account, we can easily add or change your account number. Please submit a request via the chat and include the account number you wish to add/change, and we will update it for you.

To add or change a foreign account number, we need a recent bank statement showing the account number, name and address. You can email this statement to [email protected]. Once we have received and approved the statement, we will add or change the account number.

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