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Download Annual Review
Download Annual Review
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Crypto assets, like other investments, are taxed in Box 3. Because the value of assets fluctuates, the Internal Revenue Service uses one annual moment to determine the value. That is on January 1 at 00:00 of the year on which tax must be paid.

You only file a tax return on cryptocurrencies that you held on January 1 of the year of the tax return. If you purchased crypto assets during the year, you include them for the first time in the following year's tax return.  

For Amdax customers, we make declaring crypto assets easy. Customers automatically receive an annual financial statement with the value of all crypto assets on January 1, 0:00.

You can download the annual statement in your personal Amdax environment under 'Documents'.

Would you like to receive the annual statement as an Excel document? Then contact our operations team via the chat function on our website or in the My Amdax environment!

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